Wednesday March 21 , 2018
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Janice Woods Windle is a lifelong Texan. She was born in San Antonio and grew up in Seguin, Texas, birthplace of her novel, True Women. She has lived in El Paso since 1961 with her husband Wayne Windle, a prominent attorney. They have a son and a daughter and five grandchildren.

Mrs. Windle became Chief Executive Officer and President of El Paso Community Foundation in 1977.  The Foundation is an organization whose purpose is to raise money for a public charitable endowment and to allocate grants to the El Paso region. The Foundation's assets have surged from $95 million to $125 million with over $146 million granted to projection in El Paso.  Mrs. Windle continues her full-time career with the Foundation as Senior Advisor to the President.

In 1985 Janice Windle began gathering old family recipes for a wedding gift cookbook to her oldest son, Wayne and his bride, Mary Jane. Behind the recipes were many tales of adventures, many touching legends about the lives of the women who had used them. When she talked about the ancestral lore she was collecting, her friends wanted to hear more stories so she set out to write a book using this heritage of oral history of remarkable frontier women. Their true stories reveal strong women caught up in the passions of war and revolution, slavery and redemption, lust and murder.

True Women is Janice Windle's first novel published by G.P. Putnam's Sons, and in paperback by Ballentine. True Women is published in eight foreign languages. Subsequent to the publication of True Women, Mrs. Windle responded to readers who asked her to complete the original collection of antique recipes that began as the impetus for her historical novel; The True Women Cookbook was published in February 1997 and will soon be available again in paperback.   In May of 1997, CBS aired a two-night True Women miniseries produced by Hallmark Entertainment based upon the novel.  Longstreet Press of Atlanta published her second novel Hill Country, in October of 1998. Hill Country is the story of her paternal grandmother, Laura Hoge Woods was released in paperback by Simon and Schuster, and is currently optioned for a new film.  Mrs. Windle’s latest novel, Will’s War, is a heavy-hitting courtroom drama that follows the author's grandfather, William Bergfeld, a native of Seguin, Texas,  through his arrest and trial for treason in one of the most famous cases in the United States history.